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We sell products, repair, reclaim, recycle and reuse things to help and support Remote and Island communities in the South Pacific region.

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Billum bags are non-plastic, natural fibre bags with a zero carbon footprint. In PNG a billum bag can be given to a friend as a sign of friendship, particularly during festival celebrations. A Brisbane based operator has set up consignments of second hand clothing to support small vendors in Papua New Guinea island and remote communities. Any contributions of shorts, T-shirts and baby clothes to enable this to proceed will be greatly appreciated. One such community that receives our support is in West Sepik near the town of Wakwak, which is close to the West Papua border.

In addition, further contributions of cans and bottles for the “Cans & Bottles Please” facebook trailer, which enables us to send parcels @ $15/kg to Rueben (a citizen of PNG) would also be appreciated, as he organizes action plans to support his local community.

David Ire Saura- a former radio host, now a vending supporter and community worker at his community near Port Moresby- is helping his community in the following way: “We are organizing women and girls from our province, near the famous Kokoda Trail, in producing food items to be marketed”.

Kunde Amei requires second hand rugby league clothing to provide for his local sports clubs.

Renkin, who resides in Port Moresby, is a keen supporter of dental hygiene- including programs for acquiring and using toothbrushes and toothpaste for his community people in need. He would be grateful and appreciative of any donations of such items.

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